How To Print Recharge Card Online Via VTUJet

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Print Recharge Card with VTUJet


As our new and valued customer, we understand that you might be finding it a little bit difficult on how to print Recharge Card online. So, in this tutorial we will be showing you how to print universal recharge card pins online for all networks. So let’s dive in.

STEP 1: After successful login into your Dashboard, tap on ‘RECHARGE CARD PRINTING ALL NETWORK‘ to proceed.


Print Recharge Card with VTUJet Step 1

The actions in the previous step brings you to this page where you have to select your card printing options such as Recharge Card Denomination, Recharge Card Quantity and your Recharge Card Company Name. Note and remember that you will always get a 2% discount on every universal pin purchases.

Print Recharge Card With VTUJet Page

STEP 2: Click on where you see Denomination (refer to the above screenshot) and then select your desired Denomination (as seen in the screenshot below). For tutorial purpose, I used 100 Naira denomination.

Print Recharge Card with VTUJet Step 2

STEP 3: After you have selected your denomination. The page will look like the screenshot below with the selected Denomination Amount. Proceed by filling your preferred Quantity Number and your preferred Company Name.

Print Recharge Card with VTUJet Step 3

STEP 4: After filling the required fields according to your choice, then tap on ‘Proceed’ to continue.

Print Recharge Card with VTUJet Step 4

STEP 5: The previous step brings you to this page where it shows you that your Universal Recharge Card printing is successful. So you have to click on ‘Print UNIKRM9aflhbv pins now‘ to proceed to the printing page. Note: the UNIKRM9aflhbv represents the transaction ID for this very recharge card printing. Yours will be different.

Print Recharge Card with VTUJet Step 5

Congratulations, you have successfully generated your Universal Recharge Card Pin with VTUJet. To print out your recharge card pins in a paper form, screenshot the page and take it to a printing shop (its best advisable to have your own printing machine) for printout. So let us confirm if one of the pins are correct.

VTUJet generated recharge card pins

STEP 6: Highlight and copy out one of the pins and then go to your call dialer and paste it there. Include the USSD command for the recharge which is *258*pin#. Refer to the screenshot below for better understanding. Then dial it by selecting your preferred SIM card to proceed.

Print Recharge Card with VTUJet Step 6

Congratulations, you have successfully topped up your SIM card balance. As you can see in the screenshot below. It has shown you TapoutNaija as the name of the company that generated the recharge card pins.

And that is all with Universal Recharge Card Printing and Top Up verification. So let’s explore the last additional factor. Its very necessary.

VTUJet Richard card loaded successfully

After printing the airtime, in most cases, you might not want to print it out at the moment with a printing machine as a result of other personal engagements you have. So this means that you have to close your browser.

So I will be showing you how to briefly locate your recent transaction and pull up the recharge card in the Recharge Card Printing History section.

STEP 7: Tap on the three vertical lines at the top left of your screen and then click on ‘Dashboard‘ to proceed.

Print Recharge Card with VTUJet Step 7

STEP 8: The previous step brings you back to the dashboard. (The page that pops up after successful login). Click on ‘HISTORY’ that is below ‘RECHARGE CARD PRINTING ALL NETWORK’ to proceed.

Print Recharge Card with VTUJet Step 8

Finally, this page (below screenshot) shows you the list of all your card printing transactions with the most recent at the top. The table shows:

  • Order ID
  • Cost
  • Discounts
  • Old Balance (NGN): as at the time of card printing process
  • New Balance (NGN): after the success in card printing
  • Network
  • etc.

If you are now ready to print it out, click on ‘Details’ and it will take you to the page (exact second screenshot in step 5) that contains the generated recharge card pins.

VTUJet Recharge Card Printing History

One last thing to note is that it is much advisable to log in to your computer browser and start from step 7 if you want to print it out in a paper form.

And that is all. Congratulations!! You have just successfully learnt how to generate Universal Recharge Card Pin (all networks) using VTUJet and you have also learnt how to view your recent generated recharge card pin transactions.


Do you have any questions regarding this tutorial on how to generate Universal Recharge Card Pin (all networks) using VTUJet, please feel free to use the comment section below to ask us questions. Thanks for choosing VTUJet!

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